Wednesday, August 7, 2019

My Summer Life

Happy Summer!

It's been a busy year in my house and there have been lots of changes. I've accepted a position full time at my son's school, and my daughter is off to middle school come September. These kids grow up too fast!

Mom life is keeping me busy, but I haven't lost the motivation to continue my solo journey into spirituality and wellness. I've been practicing meditation regularly, and have taken up reading Tarot in my spare time which is something I've been curious about since I was a teenager. It's cool, you guys!

I've been spending a ton of time outside this summer. My hair is noticeably more blonde (the Garnier might have had something to do with it too, but shhhh...) and I'm rockin' the Summer tan which I know is sooo bad for me, but man it feels good to feel GOOD! My pool is getting a ton of use too. One of my favourite things to do when the kids aren't home is to hop in and just float & watch the clouds roll by. Speaking of clouds...

The kids living dangerously at the lake!  Do you see that funnel cloud?  We did too and went straight back to the dock, to put the boat (and kids) away! 

What have you been up to this Summer?  Share with me in the comments!

oxo Kristin

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