Thursday, March 29, 2018

Small Steps Reap Big Rewards

One of the biggest challenges in life is taking a leap of faith and stepping out of your comfort zone - When it comes to relationships, health and career opportunities, it can take a lot to make that jump and get moving. We have the tendency to hold ourselves back out of fear, and I am here to tell you this is NOT how you grow and succeed!  

It's so important to take the time and think about your dreams. What do YOU want out of life? What makes you tick? What makes you infinitely happy?

While just "going for it" is easier SAID than DONE, there are steps you can take to make your dreams come to fruition. I read this tweet earlier which was such a huge inspiration to me: 

Imagine this beautiful child and her incredible mindset, the confidence she has in her ability to get things done. Look, if we could all revert back to that huge amount of confidence we had as kids - to that almost magical belief in ourselves that ANYTHING is possible, think about how much more we'd be able to accomplish in our lives. Isn't this what it's all about?

This clever 3 year old has the right idea. While the big picture may feel overwhelming, what matters is the small steps you take to get there. How many "things" do you need to do, to achieve your goal?

Want to work towards a healthier lifestyle? Start by drinking more water each day, or taking a 30 minute walk. You can build from that!

Want to work towards a more positive mentality and eliminate stress from your life? Take 10 minutes each day to meditate and self reflect. I promise - just 10 minutes daily will make ALL the difference. 

Want to eliminate your financial struggles? This feels like a big "ask" doesn't it? It is... And it isn't. Read some books about financial literacy and find other individuals who are working towards the same goal. It's amazing what having that support from like minded individuals can do for you. Education is key!

My point is.... Baby steps!  Do NOT let the big picture instill so much fear of the task at hand, that you refuse to take a leap and get started. Procrastination is not the answer, and to be honest it's not really the easy way out, either. If you do the work, you'll reap the rewards. Promise.

xo Kristin

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