Monday, May 10, 2021


So it's been 2 years since I've spent any time here at all. Covid has been a life sucking force, in more ways than one. I've recently felt inspired to start writing again, in the hope that maybe it will help me move through this pandemic with a more positive attitude and a little more grace. I haven't been kind, I don't like people right now and I'm feeling apathetic 90% of the time. So here we are. 

Life has been a series of ups and downs lately. I've been single since last Summer, which is for the absolute best. My relationship was no longer serving me and it was time to move on. Its given me time to learn more about myself, what my wants and needs are and where I want to be in the next few years. So, dating during a pandemic is a good time! It's been a wild ride, meeting new people and navigating through this phase of my life with 2 tweens, who like to be in the know at all times. (There are some things they just don't need to know.) I'm quite content just doing my thing, until the right person comes along. Eventually I'm sure it will happen.

Work has been a source of stress. I don't think it matters where you work or what you do, most people out there would say the same. I'm not used to the feeling of getting up in the morning dreading my day and all it might entail. It's so opposite of how I would normally feel. I love what I do. I just don't love this year and everything that comes with it. As much as we're being told there's a light at the end of the tunnel, I'm not seeing it. I am so ready for a break, as I'm sure we all are. Less than 2 months to go. 

I hope that with a little bit of self reflection, some warm weather and fun, that things turn around for me a little bit. I've always been a Summer kid; Needing to be out in the heat, on the lake with a cold drink in my hand. Get me out of this city and take me somewhere beautiful. If we have nothing else right now, at the very least we have Manitoba lake life. That's always worth looking forward to!  

Until next time, I guess. 

xo Kris.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

My Summer Life

Happy Summer!

It's been a busy year in my house and there have been lots of changes. I've accepted a position full time at my son's school, and my daughter is off to middle school come September. These kids grow up too fast!

Mom life is keeping me busy, but I haven't lost the motivation to continue my solo journey into spirituality and wellness. I've been practicing meditation regularly, and have taken up reading Tarot in my spare time which is something I've been curious about since I was a teenager. It's cool, you guys!

I've been spending a ton of time outside this summer. My hair is noticeably more blonde (the Garnier might have had something to do with it too, but shhhh...) and I'm rockin' the Summer tan which I know is sooo bad for me, but man it feels good to feel GOOD! My pool is getting a ton of use too. One of my favourite things to do when the kids aren't home is to hop in and just float & watch the clouds roll by. Speaking of clouds...

The kids living dangerously at the lake!  Do you see that funnel cloud?  We did too and went straight back to the dock, to put the boat (and kids) away! 

What have you been up to this Summer?  Share with me in the comments!

oxo Kristin

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Small Steps Reap Big Rewards

One of the biggest challenges in life is taking a leap of faith and stepping out of your comfort zone - When it comes to relationships, health and career opportunities, it can take a lot to make that jump and get moving. We have the tendency to hold ourselves back out of fear, and I am here to tell you this is NOT how you grow and succeed!  

It's so important to take the time and think about your dreams. What do YOU want out of life? What makes you tick? What makes you infinitely happy?

While just "going for it" is easier SAID than DONE, there are steps you can take to make your dreams come to fruition. I read this tweet earlier which was such a huge inspiration to me: 

Imagine this beautiful child and her incredible mindset, the confidence she has in her ability to get things done. Look, if we could all revert back to that huge amount of confidence we had as kids - to that almost magical belief in ourselves that ANYTHING is possible, think about how much more we'd be able to accomplish in our lives. Isn't this what it's all about?

This clever 3 year old has the right idea. While the big picture may feel overwhelming, what matters is the small steps you take to get there. How many "things" do you need to do, to achieve your goal?

Want to work towards a healthier lifestyle? Start by drinking more water each day, or taking a 30 minute walk. You can build from that!

Want to work towards a more positive mentality and eliminate stress from your life? Take 10 minutes each day to meditate and self reflect. I promise - just 10 minutes daily will make ALL the difference. 

Want to eliminate your financial struggles? This feels like a big "ask" doesn't it? It is... And it isn't. Read some books about financial literacy and find other individuals who are working towards the same goal. It's amazing what having that support from like minded individuals can do for you. Education is key!

My point is.... Baby steps!  Do NOT let the big picture instill so much fear of the task at hand, that you refuse to take a leap and get started. Procrastination is not the answer, and to be honest it's not really the easy way out, either. If you do the work, you'll reap the rewards. Promise.

xo Kristin

Friday, March 2, 2018

Get Summer Ready! #VasayoWinnipeg #Giveaway

I don't know about you, but when Winter hits in the 'Peg I tend to hibernate. My favourite pass-time is ordering a large Papa J's with pepperoni, green peppers & black olives and then settling in with my electric blanket and some "This Is Us." 

... Yikes.

Thankfully, Spring time always kicks me into high-gear. I just love the vibe! My birthday happens in March so I've always loved this season. The warm weather and sunshine makes me want to lace up my running shoes and get moving. 

Recently, someone introduced me to a few products that have been helping me feel incredible! These all natural supplements give me energy, boost my mood and have already helped me drop like 12lbs - while still hibernating!  What! I can't imagine how effective they'll be now that I'm up and moving again, taking care of my body and my mind. Love.

The difference is in the delivery:

Vasayo’s proprietary Advanced Delivery Technology utilizes enzymes to optimize the delivery of key nutrients within your body. Why is this important? Processing of herbs and other botanicals requires drying, which depletes precious enzymes needed for absorption and utilization in the body. As a result, Vasayo has developed a smart enzyme delivery system designed to help replace lost enzymes and ensure that the nutrients in Vasayo’s ingredients are absorbed and utilized faster and more effectively. Our liposomes are double-layered “bubbles” or spheres that surround nutrients, helping them to pass through the harsh environment of the digestive system intact for better absorption and use by the body.

Check out PEG CITY FITNESS for more information and to get your hands on some of these amazing products. 

Or hey, if you're feeling lucky, why not ENTER TO WIN some right here on the blog! 

Up for grabs:
1x - 5 Serving Box of SLEEP support
3x - Servings of VSLIM weight loss support

3x - Servings of V3 mood & energy boost
1x - Winnipeg Jets T-Shirt
1x - Insulated Mason Jar Mug (perfect for enjoying those yummy drinks!)

Contest is open to Residents of Canada, and ends on March 23/2018

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

xo Kristin

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Take A Stand Against Bullying! #PinkShirtDay #Canada

According to research from PREVNet, Canada’s authority on bullying, 75 per cent of people say they have been affected by bullying and bullying rates in Canada are higher than two-thirds of OECD countries.1

To help raise awareness for Pink Shirt Day and as part of its commitment to taking a stand against bullying, Toys“R”Us has given away more than 8,000 pink “Bullying Stops Here” t-shirts to kids across Canada on Saturday, February 17.

Show your support for Canadian kids by rocking your pink shirt today!

xo Kristin 

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